Suspended Solids Meter

The features and abilities of the Markland Series 502 Suspended Solids (Sludge Density) Meter.

Markland's S.S. Meters use the attenuation of ultrasound to measure the concentration of sludges and slurries that are too thick for optical methods. Markland's Meters operate in the region between TURBIDIMETERS and NUCLEAR GAUGES.

The sonic pulse passing through clear water returns a strong echo and the Meter reads zero.

Suspended Solids absorb some
of the sonic energy making the
echo weaker and the Meter then
reads the %S.S. of the slurry.


  • Not sensitive to colour
  • No optics to foul
  • Push button calibration
  • Dynamic damping
  • Ultrasonic self-cleaning


  • Inline Pipe (502-IL)
  • Throw-in Probe (502-TP)