Sludge Blanket Level Controller


The Model 602 Sludge Blanket Level Detector is a micro-processor-based instrument for continuous measurement of concentration vs. depth in clarifiers and other industrial suspended solids/liquid separation processes. It uses infrared high intensity light emitting diodes stacked vertically, which shine horizontally across a probe gap to 64 phototransistor detectors.

The series 602 is designed and manufactured for easy installation and calibration, minimal maintenance and long life.

  • Continuous, accurate monitoring of concentration and Blanket level for:
    - Optimal chemical dosage control.
    - Precise underflow pump-out control and stabilization of underflow density.
    - Advanced self-diagnostics.
  • 4-20 ma output linear with sludge depth.
  • High & Low sludge depth set-point relays.
  • RS-232 (485) serial port output.
  • Settled sludge profile viewable on computer.

Controlling a desludge pump with a timer is not as good as sludge blanket level control.

Watch what happens during HEAVY sludge loading:

Timer Desludging VERSUS Blanket Level Desludging

HEAVY sludge loading can overwhelm a Timer controlled desludge pump allowing sludge to slip over the top,
while the blanket level controller maintains the sludge level within the high & low set-points.

Watch what happens during LIGHT sludge loading:

Timer Desludging VERSUS Blanket Level Desludging

LIGHT sludge loading can allow a Timer to pull a core hole and pump water out the bottom.
The Blanket controller does not turn on the desludge pump until it is required, and the sludge level
is maintained within the high and low set-points.