(Low Energy) Reverse Osmosis Machine
0.3 to 2.1 cubic meters per hour

With the Osmonics® EZ-Kit, all of the equipment components are included, all you supply is the labour. Rather than dealing with multiple suppliers and multiple parts, why not work with one vendor?


Our package includes:

  • E-Z Pictoral Assembly Guide
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • All major components manufactured by Osmonics

EZ Kits come with the same high quality design and components used in the E4 Series models.

Operating Parameters:

Operating Pressure   6.9–7.6 bar (100–110 psi)
Maximum Recovery 75%
Nominal Rejection 95–98%
Design Temperature 25 degrees C (77 degrees F)
Operating Temperature 13–30 degrees C (55–85 degrees F)
Minimum Inlet Pressure 2 bar (30 psi)

Materials of Construction:

Welded Frame Painted carbon steel
Membrane Elements Desal® AK4040T1305
Membrane Housing Osmo® Stainless Steel
Inlet Plumbing: Sch. 80 PVC
High Pressure Plumbing Reinforced rubber hose
Permeate/Concentrate Tubing Polyethylene, NSF approved
Control Enclosure NEMA 1
Motor Starters NEMA 4X
Cartridge Filter Hytrex®, 5 micron, 20 inch

Pump & Motor:

  • Tonkaflo®, multi-stage, centrifugal pump
  • SS Shell/Housing
  • Noryl* internals
  • SS inlet/discharge castings
  • 3-phase, TEFC, 190/380VAC
Standard Economy Features (ECN):
  • Low-energy design reduces electrical requirements and operating costs
  • 5-micron pre-filter
  • Automatic inlet shut-off valve
  • Permeate and Concentrate flow meters
  • Remote machine on/off capability
  • Thermal Motor Protection
  • Pre-filter, post-filter, primary, and final pressure gauges
  • Flow control center including concentrate and recycle valves

Deluxe (DLX) Features - in addition to ENC Features:

  • Autoflush system
  • Low inlet pressure switch
  • Digital conductivity meter
  • Alarms: Low Inlet Pressure, Motor Starter overload

EZ-4-LE Specifications - 50Hz:

* Noryl is a registered trademark of General Electric Company.