DATS Fouling Monitor System

The DATS Fouling Monitor directly measures the heat transfer performance of a small section of heat exchanger tube. The tube alloy and dimensions typically match process equipment. A small side-stream of fluid is fed through the tube at a controlled rate. The tube is surrounded by a heater which stimulates actual heat loading. Calibrated temperature probes accurately measure both fluid and heater temperatures, and the resistance to heat transfer is automatically calculated from these measurements and the power input. Changes in heat transfer resistance over time provide an accurate measure of chemical or biological fouling.

Measurements & Controls
Heat Flux
Wall Temperature
Fluid Velocity
Fluid Temperature
Block Temperature
Heat Transfer Resistance

In addition, up to 4 auxiliary transducer signals (4-20 mA or 0-2V) may be processed, displayed and logged (e.g. pH, D P, corrosion) along with standard DATS data.